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Introduction to our Product Feed Creation Service

Welcome to our Product Feed Creation Services website, yet another great service from the Inteltab group.

What, by definition, is our Product Feed Creation Service? Wikipedia defines product feeds as follows:

A product feed or product data feed is a file made up of a list of products and attributes of those products organized so that each product can be displayed, advertised or compared in a unique way. A product feed typically contains a product image, title, product identifier, marketing copy, and product attributes.

Product feeds supply the content that is presented on many kinds of e-commerce websites such as search engines, price comparison websites, affiliate networks, and other similar aggregators of e-commerce information. Product data feeds are generated by manufacturers, online retailers and, in some cases, product information is extracted using web scraping or harvested web harvesting from the online shops website. (See Wkipedia article here.)

Any business which sells mulitple products needs a product feed. Such a feed is absolutely necessary in order to get your products delivered into the hands of people who want to buy your products, as well as onto the websites of people who wish to sell your products on a retail, affiliate or dropshipment basis.

Product feeds come in various formats, and we specialise in all of them! They can be CSV files, XML files, or simple TXT files. It is increasingly important to pay attention to the quality of a product feed because there is such a thing as product feed optimisation. Yes, indeed! After you thought you'd heard all about SEO along comes yet another aspect of it. Product Feed Optimization should now be of particular interest to those businesses using outlets like Amazon and Ebay, in order to gain a competitive advantage, while Google Shopping has recently updated its own Google Shopping feed specification.

The increasing use of social networks for business, marketing and publicity has meant that product feeds can now also be used to sell things online through websites like Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

We specialise in all of these! The service we provide takes a merchant or supplier's inventory and creates a product feed out of it, and from there we can optimise it according to the needs of the outlet where the product will be sold. These outlets will demand different specifications and formats, and that it where our 20 years' experience in data processing and SEO come in very handy indeed.


Your Product Feed is Always Available

When you use our service there's no more embarrassment next time a would-be retailer contacts you wanting your product feed only to find that you don't have one (while your competitors do).

Just get us to create your product feed file and you'll have online retailers knocking at your door.


Variant Product Feeds

Different channels and different retailers want different variants and formats of your feed. But there's no need to pay the full cost every time you want a different version, or if you want optimisation work carried out on your existing feed.

Whenever you want a different format or variant we will only charge 15% of the full fee of product feed creation; that's because it's based on the feed that we've already created, and we won't charge you twice for the same feed, ever!

Therefore it makes complete business sense to get us to produce the original product feed in the first place, whatever you do afterwards. That way you'll always be able to get updates, new variants and enhanced, optimised versions of your feed for just 15% of what you paid for it originally, whatever the situation or necessity.


Keeping Up with Change in Product Feed Standards

Google has a tendency to update its requirements quite regularly and, annoyingly, when you least expect this to happen. Then there's the emerging RDF format which is expected to position itself as a web standard. Don't ever be caught on the back foot when necessity calls for change.

Whetever happens, you'll be able to future-proof your own business by ensuring that you'll never pay more than 15% of the cost of your original feed, as long as your original feed was created by ourselves.

With the advent of various plugins and widgets it is possible to tweak and optimise product feeds to an incredible extent. When making comparative product searches, for example, it is possible to enable the price of your product to always be slightly lower than your competitor's products, everything else being equal. The degree of control you have over this process is both powerful and awesome (in the true sense of this overused word); therefore it is critical that your original feed is created using only the most exacting processes and to an extremely high standard. As specialists in this field we promise to always apply those very high standards to our work at each stage.


Optimisation of Third Party Feeds

You may want your existing product feed optimised to take into consideration new factors in organic search, and you will want to take advantage of our 15% charge in implementing this. But what if your existing feed was created by someone else. Would this be possible?

Of course, we'd prefer it if we had created the original product feed, but there may be circumstances where we can do this for a feed which was made elsewhere, i.e. a third party feed.

In such cases we'd have a look at your existing feed in detail, and as long as it meets certain standards and criteria of performance we would, on some occasions, be able to work on this and produce an optimised version at our 15% rate. However, there may be oddities that we need to iron out, or in some way deal with in the original file first, in order to process it further.

In such cases we would be able to do this for you, but we would have to add a formatting charge to take care of the extra time and work which would become necessary in dealing with a third party item and rendering it into a satisfactory format so that we can optimise it.

If such a change was necessary it would cost between 10% and 20% of what we would charge to create it in the first place, according to our working price guidelines, plus the usual 15% optimisation charge.


Variation of Third Party Feeds

Similarly, what if you wanted to convert your existing product feed into a new variant (for example, the new RDF feed standard) and your feed had been produced by some other organisation?

In the same way, we would look closely at your existing feed, no matter where it came from. If it was of a suitable quality for conversion without any work then we'd charge just the usual 15% of our working price guidelines. But if we needed to do some work on your existing feed to bring it up to scratch in order to effect the change to the new variant, we'd charge between 10% and 20% to cover this, and then the 15% for the conversion.

It should be noted, though, that there may be some cases where an original feed is completely incompatible with the processes needed to either vary it or optimize it. In such cases we may have to recreate the feed from scratch. These unfortunate events will be rare, but it is only fair to point out that they do happen.


Our Product Feed Working Price Guidelines

We like to keep our charging structure as simple as possible but to allow for any anomalies that may arise, so that you are always able to have an accurate figure when it comes to our product feed creation services. For this reason we have working price guidelines which we stick to very closely. In fact, as long as nothing else interferes you can take this to be an absolutely accurate figure.

The cost of creating a product feed (whatever the format and whether it is a CSV or RDF file, etc.) is $450 per 1,000 items, pro rata.

For example, the creation of an average product feed file of 3,500 items would cost exactly $1,575.

The 15% variant charges referred to above would be exactly $67.50 per 1,000 items, pro rata.

So for example, the variation or optimisation of a feed which was originally created by ourselves (but see above for exceptions) would cost $236.25 for an average feed of 3,500 items.

VAT will be added automatically if you are situated in a country where VAT is applicable.





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